We caught up with the talented Romanian Minimal House DJ & Producer Primărie, who is also the mastermind behind the fantastic label, Tzinah Records. Primărie is a name that plays regularly across the circuit and his rise comes from a dedication to well-crafted ‘fractal’ percussion with a driving hypnotic soundscape.

Read through the in-depth interview for information on his journey so far, what he’s got coming up and who he’s got his eye on at the moment.

Primarie Interview

What was the inspiration behind the mix?

Microlife that i’m living, meaning the club experiences that i take part of. This podcast is not for easy-listening, it is for dancing 🙂

How has 2019 been for you so far this year? Have you had any personal highlights as an artist?

2019 for me started like a very rough year. Then it slowly took off and went over the sea level to say so, and is getting better and better – I can only be glad for such a transformational year. I can only say i’m at the beginning of my journey. A very long one.

Who’s on your radar at the moment musically?

I inspire myself from very few authentic Romanian DJ’s. In terms of producers I can include some new names, like Zgaav, Senoo, Dragusanu, Vern, Remus, Paradoxal, Laumee, Octave, Djosh,

What tracks are really doing the business for you in your sets at the minute?

Always watch my chart from Resident Advisor, or when i share it on social media, there are tracks from the artists I mentioned in the previous question.

We’ve been following Tzinah Records for years now and love the label. We see Sebastian Eric was the latest release on your label, who we love. Do you have any more upcoming releases you can tell us about?

Yes, sure, and thank you. We have upcoming EPs from Senno, with Javier Carballo remix, a nice VA which is already online, then other EPs from Black/Tuesday with Primarie remix, Cossmos, Dragusanu with Primarie Remix, Fabrizio Maurizi EP, then another VA already sounding so good, then EP from Paradoxal, maybe Laumee, and many in the works. Also we are preparing a new vinyl. 

What is the ethos behind the label? What do you look for in an artist when they send you demos? Do they have to already be fairly established or are you willing to work with them if you feel they have the talent?

We all know Tzinah releases artists that are at the start of their career and we all know most of good artists started their releases at Tzinah Records – so we are like a launching ramp for many good producers. I can only release an artists if I feel he has love for what he is doing, if he is serious about it and if he has something to offer, more than one track, one release or so… We are looking for real artists not just part time producers.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring artists looking to make their name and get the attention of a label like Tzinah?

Make music if you really feel like you have something to bring to the table and if it really comes out through you. Stop making things for your ego. Then define your sound and do that over and over again, follow the rules and be a nice guy. Also be a bit professional about it from the start, this really helps that you are seen in good eyes. 

And for our final questions, we’d like to know on a lazy Sunday afternoon, if you had the day free what would you be listening to (non-electronic)?

Romanian hip-hop or classical music by Beethoven or Mozart, but I’m inclined more towards the first one, because classical music i listen every morning. 

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Distinct Podcast 018 // Primărie

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