We invited Michael James down to Pie Radio, where we host our monthly radioshow – which is syndicated on Data Transmission Radio. Michael treated us to an hours guestmix, with his latest upcoming releases on Constant Sound, aswell as providing us with an exclusive interview about what he has coming up in his event and release calendars.

Michael, Thanks for coming down and taking the time to speak to us. We know that you’ve just got some good releases that have just come out on Constant Sound?

Yeah 010101 it was on Constant Black, about a month ago and it’s sold out now.

Yeah it did really well, it was fantastic. You’ve got a couple more EP’s coming out, at the moment, you’ve just been talking to me about?

I’ve got the Test Presses Black one coming out on Constant Sound, which is obviously Constant Black and should be out soon. Just finished another one off for Constant Black, which I’m gonna play for you in a little bit aswell, which should be out after the summer and I’ve got a few remixes here and there aswell so yeah I’m pretty busy at the moment.

Class, it sounds good, you’re churning the tunes out at the moment.

We know that you held a residency at The Zoo Project for a number of years and you were just telling me that you return there this summer, is it next week or the week after!?

Yeah I’ve been playing at Zoo for about 10 years now and I’m going over to Ibiza every month for a couple of days. I think starting from the week after next maybe. We’re gonna be doing Zoo Project twice a week this year, so I’ll be playing there on a Saturday and a Tuesday. I’ll probably play at Underground abit aswell and doing some after parties at Privilege. So I’ll be in Ibiza quite abit this summer.

How exciting, a great way to kick off the summer!

Can’t complain mate.

No, definitely not! Thanks very much for coming down and doing a guestmix for us, you;re just about to jump on the decks for us.

Yeah, I’m gonna play some of my new tracks that I’ve got coming up for you soonish for about half an hour or so you can have a little listen.

If you let us know what tracks they are and what label they are and can let everyone know and they can keep their eyes out for them.

Alright mate, Cheers. No worries.

Listen to Michael James’ Guestmix below. First half of the show is from our Distinct residents.

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