Sciran invited local Manchester success, Josh Baker to Distinct Manchester’s radioshow for a guestmix and exclusive interview about his DJ & Production news and also about the party he runs You&Me.

Josh Baker Interview

We’re gonna have a word with Josh Baker now, Josh thanks for coming down.

Yeah thanks for having me Si.

Aswell as being a DJ & Producer, you run a successful night called You&Me, can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve got coming up in terms of parties in the next few months?

So this year we had some really big parties, we had Archie Hamilton & Luca Cazal a couple of months ago, so next year we should be bigger and better. In February, we’re back at Hidden, with one of the best live acts around at the moment, which I can’t reveal yet and one of my favourite DJ’s who’s part of the Amsterdam scene – so you might have some guesses there. And then we’ve got, on the bank holidays, a series of day parties so some more information on those soon and then we’ve got a party coming up in Leeds at Distrikt.

Sounds awesome, can’t wait to see that. So you’ve just had a track out on Rich NxT’s label called ‘Frustrated’, can you tell us about any upcoming releases you might have coming out?

So next up is the track playing in the background called ‘Break 1, 2’ which is on Chris Carrier’s Adult Only label. After that there will be my track ‘Frequencies’, which has had support from the likes of Rich NxT, Enzo Siragusa – that’s coming out on Luca’s label called ‘See Double’ and that’s the ‘Explore EP’, which as been played by Brawther and a big remix from someone who I can’t reveal yet, but it’s massive.

Josh Baker ‘Frequencies’
Josh Baker ‘Explore’

Awesome, you’re definitely getting a name for yourself on the scene. Obviously quite alot of big names picking up your tracks and playing them. How does it feel to have people like Barac playing your tracks!?

Well the best is actually Apollonia, I got sent a video from a label I released on in Argentina, with Dan Ghanacia playing ‘Frustrated’, so that was definitely the biggest one.

Wow, I bet you were buzzing when you saw that.

Yeah I know, I couldnt beieve it.

Awesome, it sounds like there’s alot to look forward to in 2018.

What was your biggest highlight of 2017?

DJ wise has to be the You&Me 2nd birthday party with Archie & Luca, the set was like honestly the right place where we gonna be next time, the place was mad. Production wise has to be ‘Explore’ it’s the one everyones been playing, so has to be that.

Brilliant, we’ll get you back on the decks for the last hour. With my self and Josh Baker, you’re listening to Distinct

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