We recently spoke to the young, upcoming Dutchman Joren Edwards. Hot off the heels of his debut EP on Archie Hamilton’s Moss Co. we touched base with him ahead of his Distinct Podcast with us, to talk about his musical background, the release of his first EP and everything else he has going on in 2019.

Interview with Joren Edwards

Joren, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you start off, by telling us abit about your musical background and how you first got involved in DJ’ing & Producing?

When I was a little kid, you had this tv program called TMF,  it was a music program, with continuous music video clips.  You could call the tv station to request a song. My mom and dad called almost every week for ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk. I absolutely loved the track but I was scared of the videoclip because of all the weird looking people in it. A couple of months later my mom and dad gave me a drumkit for my fourth birthday so I was able to play on the drums every day. Many years later I wanted to play the violin but never really dived into practicing with it. When I was fifteen or sixteen I started producing electronic music.

Joren playing the drums as a child

My mom and dad called almost every week for ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk. I absolutely loved the track but I was scared of the videoclip because of all the weird looking people in it.

Joren Edwards

We’re really impressed with your debut EP “For The Terrace” which came straight out on Archie Hamilton‘s label Moss Co. Had you been waiting a while to refine your sound and find the right label?

Thank you for the compliment. I’ve tried all sorts of different things but this style fits me really well I think. I love dreamy things like pads and acid melody lines. When producing music, it’s my job to make a combination between dreamy pads and punchy drums and of course, it was amazing that Archie signed it especially because I didn’t release anything else before. Grateful for that.

Can we expect alot more to come? And, if so, can you let us know what you have due to be released so people can keep their eyes out for them?

Yes I have, I did a remix for Scott G which is forthcoming on Miriam Records from Benson Herbert. This will be out in September 2019.

What is the music scene like in Utrecht? We know they host some huge international parties at Jaarbeurs, but is there a strong underground network you keep yourself involved with there?

There are some really nice clubs in Utrecht like Basis and WAS. I played at Basis one time last year. It’s a nice small club with a huge sound system. Slapfunk Records are also from Utrecht, they’re known for releasing raw house music in it’s purest form, they’re throwing parties mostly in Amsterdam, where I go a lot. I played there in MarktkantineShelter and the unfortunately now closed Sugar Factory.
The overall scene is good in The Netherlands, although minimal tech is still really an underground one. I think VBX are one of the leading promoters in this sound.

What are some of the smaller clubs you can find this sound in, in Utrecht and other Dutch cities?

I love playing in smallers clubs. Shelter in Amsterdam is a good example, everything in that club is designed for good sound quality and having music lovers together on the dance floor, also the DJ booth is magical. It’s located in the centre of Amsterdam, underneath the ADAM Tower at Het IJ.

Joren Edwards at Shelter in Amsterdam

As a self confessed ‘crate digger’, can you give us an example of a favourite track you’ve recently discovered?

Well to be honest, I’ve doing this for almost two years, I’ve got some friends who’ve been doing this for a long time now. So I’m learning from them.  They give me tips where to look and which labels are cool, I recently came across a record from System Primitive, I bought it for 2 euros in Rotterdam. It’s one of my favs at the moment. As I am only 23, this crate digging helps me to get good knowledge of everything that happened over the last 30 years.

We see that you’ve just played at Wildeburg, how was the festival? Have you had a good summer so far?

Wildeburg was something else, the location felt like a country on it’s own. There was a huge camping with all kinds of little funny stores, also the people on the festival where happy and having a great time. I had the honor to share the stage with Reiss, Sonja Moonear, Fumiya Tanaka, Ion Ludwig, Kristina and Frank Haag. Simply amazing. The summer has been good to me, besides playing at Wildeburg I’ve played at Claire with Ben Sterling which was big fun, three hours long. This weekend I’m playing in Antwerpen during Under Open Air, and next week at Shelter again.

Can you tell us about the mix? What was the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to make a blend between older UK tech house stuff and some new things from myself. Hopefully you guys enjoy the podcast as much as I do and thanks for having me on the mix series! Hope to be playing in the UK sometime soon

Distinct Podcast 020 // Joren Edwards

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